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About Us

Welcome to THE HIP Resort @ Khao Lak, the Thai-contemporary resort and pool villas in serene atmosphere and nature by the beach of Baan Nam Kem, Ta Kua Pa, Phang Nga. Only 5 minutes from the port to Tachai Island, Similan Islands, and Surin Islands with many attractions and activities for you all year round.

Amidst cashew nut and pine trees by the beach with secluded nature surrounding are 11 villas and 4 pool villas with mixtures of Thai and contemporary styles. Served here is vacation experience fits for guests who want to avoid business of tourist spots and yearn for quietness in nature and local Andaman Coast way-of-life. Equipped with facilities; Thai and international restaurants, massage center, swimming pool, transfer service, and seminar center. Khao Lak Center, tourist hub of the area with lots of restaurants and all kind of the happening, is only 15 minutes drive away.

Satisfying your needs for the best vacation is what we at the The Hip Resort @ Khao Lak set as our goal. Our professional team is always ready, willing, and able to welcome and serve you here to make memorable travel experiences for you. For us, you are not just visitors, but you are guests whom we open our houses and our hearts for at this beachfront bliss called The Hip Resort @ Khao Lak.

Dear valued guests,

As a courtesy; We would like to kindly inform you that there would be a neighbor’s 5- star Marriott Resort construction project slowly starting from January 2019 onwards. Their beach front is adjacent to our The Hip Resort Beach but is about 300-500 meters away from The Hip Resort center.

We are not sure how this will have effect on our resort; and how loud it can be to disturb our guests both inside the resort and by the beach. It could be very minimal, but some days might be louder than the other.
As it is an external factor, we are not able to take any control of such change but are trying our best to see how the situation goes and take actions accordingly; for the best conveniences and that it would cause the least disturbances for all our guests.

We have further taken action into the account of this big resort coming; to build temporary beach coconut huts further to the left of the beach bar restaurant about 100 meters away; so, guests can migrate away from the construction area. We are also doing some survey for other alternative beaches and daily excursions tours.
We will endeavor to minimize any disruptions; and looking forward to welcome you.
With Best Regards,
The Hip Resort Khao Lak 

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